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In today’s Competitive and complex world, as a parent (and grand parent) myself.  I know parents and teachers appreciate an extra hand in building a successful future for their families.  

We help you build this foundation in all our martial art schools. Our schools teach much more than kicking and punching. We teach life skills!  

Any child (or adult for that matter) who is rude or disrespectful will have very few doors open for them as they go through life. As a parent I know we all wish our children to be courteous, respectful and confident; to have the ability to stand up for themselves should the need arise and be able to cope with whatever life throws their way!

Schools are amazing! Parents are Amazing, each have a different role in a child's development. however in todays complex  digital world we too can help by adding in an extra ingredient, instilling a mentality that will give your child the best opportunity for a successful future. Isn't this what you as a  parent seek to achieve?  For your child to be happy, rounded, confident, courteous and to build genuine friendships throughout their life.


Let me reassure you.


We have a fantastic team of instructors in our schools. Our instructors are CRB (enhanced) checked and have first aid,

health & safety, child protection, instruction and coaching certificates.

I personally, have invested 45 years of my life passing on, both physical and life skills that are the ethos in all my Schools.


I hope you will visit us and give me, the opportunity to demonstrate what I know we can offer you and your family.

Phil Thomas 7th Degree Black Belt - BBTA Premier Taekwondo Schools


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