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 WHY TAEKWONDO - WHY BBTA Premier Taekwondo Schools

Let’s examine the benefits for you or your child starting Taekwondo classes.


Firstly Parents - There is significant pressure to take your children to as many after-school clubs as possible, attempting to identify sports or activities that fit their capabilities whilst enabling success and having fun along the way. You know the script - multiple miles in the car here and there, trying out different things, frustrations about being dropped from teams or not being noticed because clubs are too large or poorly run... it's a minefield out there for children and parents alike! 


 .... So how about opting for a sport where your child can influence their progress purely through their own INDIVIDUAL effort (and not relying on a team around them), where their success is measured more tangibly- with clearly set out goals?  Many parents have no idea about martial arts and the benefits it could bring, although certainly on a physical level it delivers on the 4 S's - Suppleness, Stamina, Strength and Speed. In fact, TKD stands out as a sport that develops the child not just physically but holistically! It unquestionably delivers on an emotional and mental level too! – Numerous parents and ADULTS have noticed the following:


  • Increased motivation to achieve

  • Better focus and concentration

  • Clear sense of self as confidence grows

  • Better understanding of 'what I put in, I get out'

  • More likely to push themselves out of comfort zone

  • Respect - Teamwork – Calmer – Self Control

  • Ability to perform under pressure (eg time or exam conditions)

  • Confidence in their ability to ‘handle myself' - WITHOUT having to resort to violence – employing conflict resolution strategies taught at all of our schools


Taekwondo is a sport made up of many varied elements so inevitably it appeals to a wide range of children... If your child's physical, emotional and mental well-being is important to you then a good Taekwondo School is a must! 


Remember all these elements and skills apply to ADULTS too! That’s why we have Adult and Children’s classes available – Families can even choose to train and learn together.


So here's the tricky part for any parent or adult looking for classes. What makes a GOOD Taekwondo School and how do you separate the good from the bad?


Firstly let’s cover the most important; you or your Childs well-being and safety! Our classes are structured and controlled and you can be assured that you or your child will be in a safe environment


  • All our Instructors are fully vetted and hold DBS / CRB clearance (at the highest ‘enhanced’ level)

  • We have a blend of male and female Instructors at most classes

  • Every class has experienced HSE and qualified first aid staff.

  • We carry full Insurance (cover by Allianz)

  • Parents are very welcome to remain throughout any class (we have nothing to hide)!


OK, we’ve got that covered at all our BBTA schools – so what about the quality of the teaching!


  • BBTA Schools in your area have been established and continually running since the early 1980’s – So perhaps we're doing something right!


  • Hundreds of students (children and Adults) have gained the highest qualification; the coveted Black Belt – These are REAL students (see our web site for a comprehensive list)


  • Our proven record speaks a thousand words and were immensely proud of our students and their amazing catalogue of achievements


  • Many of our Instructors are Master Dan grades this means they have been qualified for at least 15/20 years – some over 40 years! The experience, knowledge and teaching skills they have developed are beyond exceptional.


  • Several of our classes have several Instructors present. We will have a black belt resource that can introduce Taekwondo to you or your child at a pace suitable to them, (no two students are the same).


OK were nearly there.


We understand that Children’s clubs can be costly and many charge joining fees – but what if your child finds it’s not for them and you’ve paid all these fees up front?


Simple – DON’T!


We are confident in our Schools and the high standards of teaching we offer – so confident in fact:


We don’t charge any joining fee!

We offer every student a FREE try out class


Ah…. you’re worried about hidden contracts?


We don’t have any!

We operate a simple pay monthly by pay by direct debit system. No contract!


We understand the first step is the hardest, but we are very friendly and extremely welcoming, so why not book a FREE class for you or your child today.


BBTA Premier Taekwondo Schools

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