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What are the class fees?

Do I have to sign a yearly contract?

What are your joining and enrolment fees?


1) First class absolutely free with no further obligation (This allows you the opportunity to try a class for free and see the high standards that we offer)


2) If you decide to join us – you pay nothing until your next class (allowing you to go home and spend time making your decision, in your own time)


3) The Monthly fee is just £27.50 per calendar month (payable at your next class) by Bank Standing order


4) Enrolment fees? – We don’t have any!


5) Joining fees? – We don’t have any!


6) Yearly Contracts? – We don’t have any, however we do ask you to give one months notice to terminate your membership


7) A BBTA Licence (£36) is required within 4 weeks of your first class. This is an Insurance policy that protects you and your fellow students, it also gives you Membership of the BBTA all the the benefits this commands.

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